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Artificial Grass:

Have you ever imagined having a perfectly green lawn all year round? Have a look at the different types of grass we have available here at Ready Grass Limited, and see how we can help you achieve this dream of a stunning lawn. Whether it is to accommodate pets or children, deal with damp or shady patches where grass just doesn't grow, or if you are just looking for easy maintenance.

Coloured Artificial Grass:

This is our fantastic range of FUNKY Artificial Grass colours. This colourful and contemporary range is ideal for play areas or modern living, where it can be used as an outdoor carpet or rug. This range creates extra interest, fun and adventure to any play area when combined with one of our synthetic lawn grasses.

A little bit about ReadyGrass..

ReadyGrass is a new arm of a well-established company, which has been in the landscaping industry for the past 40 years, having experience in both small and major works, domestic and commercial. The team at ReadyGrass has been in the business for so many years they’ve seen lots of changes to gardening products and trends.

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  • Garden areas to help reduce flooding!
  • Playrounds & Parks
  • Playrooms & Bedrooms
  • Roof terraces
  • Caravans and tents
  • To cover slippy decking
  • Ideal if you have pets